ST Unlimited LLC was established on January 1st, 2005 as a wholesale distributor of prepaid wireless products, credit/debit processing, and other merchant products and services. As an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) for Epay (a Division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. NASDAQ: EEFT), North American Bankcard, First Data, Capital Bankcard, PC America, Valutec, Clear, etc... ST Unlimited LLC established business relationships with over 500 merchants in the greater Seattle / Tacoma area.  ST is a Certified Payments Professional (CPP) with the ETA (Electronic Transactions Association).

Prepaid Products:

AT&T, Boost, Verizon, Trackfone, Virgin Mobile, Simple Mobile, Total Call and hundreds more… Land Line long distance products include STI long distance phone cards, IDT phone cards, Sprint, AT&T and more. Also offered are Gift cards for a growing list of products including: Xbox, Travelocity, Direct TV, Home Depot, and many more. International Wireless allows customers with cell phones from other countries top up their phones at the point of sale for a small fee. Many more products are added each day creating new opportunities for the ISO to expand and grow.

As accounts are established, merchants are trained to sell prepaid phone cards over a Point Of Sale (POS) terminal such as a credit card terminal or a web based virtual terminal on a computer. Electronic PIN's are activated by the merchant at the point of sale for each customer. Customers pay merchants the retail value of the products they purchase. Merchants are then billed wholesale rates product sold. Billing is automated via ACH (Automated Clearing House transactions) based on a predetermined billing cycle established by the ISO. ACH makes it possible for the ISO to collect payments automatically after obtaining initial checking information (such as account number and routing number) from the merchant. The ISO also determines the discount rate that the merchant is billed based on a cost-plus pricing structure. The rates can be negotiated at any time in accord with terms of agreement signed by the merchant.

ST Unlimited has steadily distributed prepaid cell phones to it’s merchants. Prepaid cell phones such as Boost Mobile, Total Call and STI Mobile are sold to customers who typically “top up” their minutes at the point of sale. Studies have shown that over 70% of prepaid cell phones are topped up at the location where the phone was purchased. This has resulted in an increased revenue stream for both the merchant and the ISO.

Payment Processing:
ST is one of the only ISO's to offer Unlimited Choice. Merchants select the payment types (credit/debit, QR code, bar code, NFC and EMV and others) they want to offer and the value-added gift, loyalty and rewards programs they want to leverage to engage customers. And, merchants have the support of Capital Bankcard chargeback management along with a comprehensive suite of reporting tools.

With Unified Security, Genius is a PCI-compliant solution that features end-to-end encryption so that sensitive cardholder data is protected at all times – from the moment a transaction is initiated until the transaction is completed, reducing the chance of security breaches.
Open Access

Through the customer engagement device (CED), merchants can add new payment types and value-add programs seamlessly and quickly by simply downloading the application(s) of their choice from the Genius Solutions Center.